Dan Sciscente Specializes in Long-term Planning and Technology Strategy

Dan Sciscente co-founded Communi-T to leverage his decades of technology experience to work for Canadian businesses. Headquartered in Québec, Canada, Dan Sciscente ’s Communi-T provides SAP solutions to businesses for websites. As Dan Sciscente explains, Communi-T allows clients to choose between three different web browser interfaces as a portal to SAP.

Providing easy-to-understand, easy-to-deploy solutions to clients is the emphasis of Dan Sciscente. Throughout his career, Dan Sciscente has acted as a consultant to some of the most well-known companies in Canada, and has become respected for his ability to help with strategizing I.T. solutions in an ever-changing business world.

Dan Sciscente believes mobile web is an important part of today’s technology landscape, and is ever mindful of this reality as he creates solutions for his clients. In addition to his work with Communi-T, Dan Sciscente continues to serve as a consultant. His ability to stay within budget while keeping up with present trends makes Dan Sciscente an ideal consultant for many of Canada’s businesses.

Dan Sciscente began his career at the age of 23 as a computer programmer and systems administrator. The field began rapidly evolving in those early days and Dan Sciscente quickly learned that demand shifted almost as quickly as technology changed. He welcomed each new challenge, learning website development while still working in planning and infrastructure.

In recent years, Dan Sciscente has successfully leveraged the value of his project management skills, putting them to use for his clients. Dan Sciscente thrives on collaboration, believing in the sheer power of great minds working together to solve problems. Deep down, he is an entrepreneur and grateful that his grasp of technology allows him to be able to help business owners and executives realize their dreams of entrepreneurship by creating solutions that can give them the competitive edge in the business landscape.

Dan Sciscente on Eating Together as a Family

A busy entrepreneur, Dan Sciscente acknowledges it can be difficult to regularly cook for the entire family. It can be especially challenging when there are children who may be going through different stages of food preferences. However, Dan Sciscente believes that the whole family can be fed nutritious and balanced meals with just a little bit of forethought and creativity.

How can this be accomplished? First of all, Dan Sciscente makes sure that he and his wife let the children pick one night to choose the style of food they individually want. Dan Sciscente believes that by letting children have some control over their diet, it makes them more adventurous.

Dan Sciscente also believes in finding a baseline with which to create fusion cuisine. Pasta doesn’t only need to be a vessel for Italian cooking and other grains can serve as a springboard into other foods as well. However Dan Sciscente admits that Italian fusion is one of the easiest types of meals that appeals to his family.

Dan Sciscente has also learned some other tricks as well. For instance, when the Sciscente parents take lasagna noodles, ground beef or chicken and add seasonings along with peppers and onions that are topped with cheese and sour cream – they know they have a hit on their hands. The kids can’t get enough of it. Dan Sciscente says that fun add-ins like tortilla chips and extra cheese are also a guarantee to see clean plates.

His creativity doesn’t stop there, though. After discovering that his kids enjoyed fusion, Dan Sciscente became more adventurous and started making Asian fusion meals like chicken teriyaki quesadillas. Dan Sciscente reports that many ethnic foods work well with the spicy sweetness of Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese cuisine.

According to Dan Sciscente, when you have cultures that use both a lot of vegetables as well as meats that rely on strong flavors, they can play off of each other in unique ways. When Mexican cuisine is fused with the intense umami flavor of teriyaki they balance each other out to create a beautiful blend. If it’s combined with cheese and a flour tortilla, the whole meal is elevated to a place where young and old taste buds are thrilled with the result. 

Feeding the whole family healthy and creative meals can take some time, but according to Dan Sciscente, it’s always worth it in the end.

Dan Sciscente Offers Tips for Families on Safe Summer Fun

From the adventurous to the adamantly anodyne, Dan Sciscente says the summer heat doesn’t have to take its toll on family time.


It might sound like a given, says Dan Sciscente, but many families fail to consider watersports for a pastime of the summer. But waterskiing and wakeboarding are fantastic ways to relieve stress and have a few laughs. For a more relaxing experience, Dan Sciscente recommends tubing or simply cruising around. Dan Sciscente says that, if you don’t own a boat, there are rental facilities on almost every lake in North America. Pontoon boats or those with a cuddy or a full cabin are best for families who plan to stay out on the water for several hours – especially when young children are involved, cautions Dan Sciscente.

Water safety is of paramount importance, of course. Dan Sciscente points out the importance of keeping life jackets handy, and making sure that children and teens remain in a life vest as long as they are on the water as this is a law. Another important note is to make sure the same number of lifejackets is available to the number of passengers on the boat. A small fire hydrant and buckets to scoop water are invaluable in case of fire. Dan Sciscente also cautions against heading out without enough drinking water, especially in the summer. Before boating, Dan Sciscente also recommends a thorough supplies check including extra fuel, a cell phone, and a well-stocked first aid kit.


Never underestimate the boredom-relieving powers of a good movie. Dan Sciscente says that a family can carve out three or more hours in the theater alone. Aside from the film, most movie theaters have a game room and a sinfully delicious snack bar. Children enjoy walking through the corridors of the cinema looking at upcoming film posters, and summer rarely disappoints blockbuster-wise. Summer of 2012 promises to be a good year for families with movies like Brave and The Amazing Spiderman making their debuts, notes Dan Sciscente.

Organized Activities

Most urban and suburban areas have numerous summer programs available. Dan Sciscente points to sports programs, like summer baseball and softball, as a fantastic chance to keep kids busy and for mom and dad to sit back and watch their child tackle an activity on his or her own. Educational programs, including music and language, are usually available for a broad age range, making them perfect for the entire family to learn a new skill, cites Dan Sciscente.

There is no one activity that is right for every family. Dan Sciscente says that the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy family time. And don’t forget to pack a camera, adds Sciscente. When the sun screen has dried, the boats are docked, and the kids have gone back to school, the snapshots leftover will always serve as a reminder of the love a family can share under the summer sun.